Volunteer’s Sight

I have been volunteering in Ecofun Community-Ecofunopoly® since last year, Ecofunopoly® is the 1st environmental game board in Indonesia which aims to provide educational play set and to change community behavior toward environment.

During my time as a volunteer in this community, I have enriched my knowledge about environmental education. This game concept is unique and interactive. It has been made by the founder using some recycle material. Although it is not 100% recycled product, I am sure there will be rooms for improvement to make it more eco-friendly in future.

I can tell that Ecofunopoly® is not only to educate children to aware of our environmental issues, but it is also can help them to develop their social interactions, as we know that nowadays the young human generations are most likely becoming more focus to virtual world through their smart gadget and lesser interactions to the real human being around them.

I am enjoying contributing time and energy to local society in this way. It goes both ways. These unpaid service activities definitely have contribute greatly to my life, it has helped me becoming more caring, compassionate, and grateful, it has also helped me to develop my ability to form friendship, refine my interpersonal communication skill, and increase my time & financial management and problem solving skill.

Author : Devita Marwana

Photo by : Annisa H.

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