AVPN Summit 2021 : Mobilising Capital Towards Women Economic Empowerment

With women in Indonesia continuing to face barriers to economic empowerment, the McKinsey Global Institute estimates that the country will face a loss of USD135 billion by 2025 without any improvements in #genderequality. To tap into this significant growth potential, funders and resource providers must not only invest in women, but also support interventions that tackle these systemic barriers. The session at #AVPN‘s Southeast Asia Summit will feature innovative and catalytic solutions on the ground that are empowering women, particularly in last mile communities.

The session was presented by :

Adelle Odelia Tanuri – Secretary General, YCAB Foundation
Cynthia Krisanti – Chief of Commercial, Fairbanc
Munish Mohit Aggarwal, CFA, Investment Specialist, ADB Ventures
Annisa Hasanah ARSYAD – Founder, Ecofun Indonesia
Romy Cahyadi – Co-founder & CEO, Instellar Indonesia
Alamanda Shantika Santoso – Co-Founder, CEO, Binar Academy
Tom Schmittzehe – Co-founder, Moonshot Ventures
Liris Maduningtyas – Co-Founder, CEO, Jala Tech
Andy Annett – Regional Manager, Asia-Pac, Unreasonable

Watch the sessionhere