Press Release Ecofun Go! Festival (English)

The ASEAN Environmental Education Festival for Kids by Ecofun Community

On Sunday, August 27th 2017 Ecofun Community has successfully held Ecofun Go! Festival in Bogor City Hall, Bogor, Indonesia. Ecofun Go! Festival is the first ASEAN Environmental Education Festival for Kids in Bogor City, which is part of campaign project “Ecofun Go! ASEAN”, located in three ASEAN countries: Indonesia, The Phillipines, and Myanmar. The program which is led by Annisa Hasanah has won an international competition called YSEALI (Young Southeast Asian Leader’s Initiative) Future Seeds Grants 2017, This YSEALI program was initiated by The 44th President of the United States of America, Barack Obama.

In the same year, Ecofun Indonesia also won 1st Prize International Competition from United Nation Volunteers Asia Pacific titled Youth Volunteering Innovation Challenge in Bangkok, Thailand. So, this Ecofun Go! Festival became a collaborative program between Ecofunopoly, YSEALI, United Nation, Government of Bogor and We Love Bogor. This event was sponsored by Salak Hotel the Heritage, PT. BLST, Penebar Swadaya Publishing, Wardah Cosmetics, and Kolaborato.

The main key of Ecofun Go! Festival is Ecofunopoly Game which is created in 2009. Ecofunopoly is an environmental board game, which part of material were made from recycled paper. This game has different themes, such as Carbon Emission and Waste, and aim to share the knowledge and also raise environmental awareness for kids and youth.

The main concept of Ecofun Go! Festival is very related to green lifestyle. During the program, all visitors were asked to bring their own tumbler and not allowed to bring disposable bottle. The committee provided water dispenser to refill the water for free. Besides of that, there are Ecofun Police who monitore, checked, and reminded all visitors who brought disposable plastics. This monitoring activities was collaborated with Earth Hour Bogor community.

Ecofun Go! Festival was attended by special invited guests, participants, and citizen of Bogor City, and also team member of Ecofun Go! ASEAN from Myanmar and the Phillipines as a partner in the project. All invited guests are Vice Mayor of Bogor City, Mr. H. Usmar Hariman (he opened the event officially). The opening ceremony was accompanied by music percussion and local instruments, and traditional dance from Wikrama Vocational High School. The opening was very crowded and got big applause from all visitors. Ms. Emily G. Abraham and Putra Aditya as representatives from US Embassy along with Ms. Park Miyeon from United Nation Volunteers Indonesia came and gave opening speech.

Before the competition started, MC of Ecofun Go! Festival, Igor Christof asked the kids to dance together with using “Baby Shark” song. “Come on dance! The one who can dance really well and energetic will get a prize!” shouted Igor. The event was done very happy and fun. All visitors can’t stop laughing because of MC’s jokes.

The competitions which were held in the Festival are Ecofun Drawing Competition, Ecofun Coloring Competition, Ecofun Recycling Competition and Ecofun Tournament. The competitions were followed by more than 130 kids. The theme of Drawing and Coloring Competition is I LOVE ECOFUNOPOLY. All participants were really enjoy during drawing time.

The Ecofunopoly tournament and Recycling competition was done in the afternoon. All participants were so creative minded when they turned the waste into useful stuffs. Beside those competitions, the committee was done Ecofun Ambassador selection. This Ecofun Ambassador was expected to be a peer role model for kids. Ecofun Ambassador went to Dheeraj from Sekolah Bogor Raya.

List of Winners in Ecofun Go! Festival 

Ecofun Ambassador : Dheeraj (Sekolah Bogor Raya)

Turnamen Ecofunopoly : Nailah Salsabila

  1. Coloring

 1st Winner : Vandanu Wibisono

Runner Up 1 : Shinta Bella Oqtavia

Runner Up 2: Kalisha Athaya Mahira

  1. Drawing

1st Winner: Marva Alzena

Runner Up 1: Dzakia Putri Amalia

Runner Up 2:  Yuriana

  1. Recycling

1st Winner : Sekar Kinasih A. Sanjaya

Runner Up 1: Esther Gabriella R.L

Runner Up 2: Shofi Nurlita Sari

There are also Ecofun Bazaar and Ecofun Expo in the Festival. Ecofun Expo is an exhibition to show Ecofun Community activities (playing Ecofunopoly and doing practical go green activities) in Indonesia, Myanmar, and The Phillipines. This expo was guided by Bea Brondial (The Phillipines) and May Kyi Kyaw Kyaw (Myanmar), and also Ecofun volunteers from Indonesia. Ecofun Bazzar consists of food, beverages, toys,etc. In the bazaar the vendor were not allowed to provide plastic bags.

During the break time, there were acoustic performance from IPB Soil Students. The Festival gave a lot of prizes such as Smartphone, Electronice Appliances, Books, Cosmestics, and Official Merchandise fro YSEALI, UNV, and ASEAN Foundation. Another special thing is that the Festival was recorded by Moeaerial team with using Drone.

We hope that Ecofun Go! Festival can share positive impact and grow environmental awareness for all people.


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