Ecofun Go! Myanmar Story


We teach about seventy children about environmental awareness in Maubin City in Ayeyarwaddy division at every weekend in May. On the first day, we hold the opening ceremony with the authorities, volunteer teachers and the children.we demonstrate the Ecofunopoly game to the participants. We arrange the different activities such as game, a guest speaker, introduction to global warming and planting activity. We prepare only traditional snack for the children. We invite a guest speaker from City Development Committee to give a speech about waste management and then we arrange “Question and Answer” section for them. Besides, we let the children do waste management that is brought from their home practically.

Before we go to teaching activity, our volunteer teachers lead the children to play team building games. We find out that the children enjoyed playing Ecofunopoly game. We let the children learn environmental awareness through playing game. In order to get motivation, we award the Ecofunopoly bracelets to the winners after each activity. The most interesting part is drawing as group project. There are all together ten groups. In this one, the children can express their ideas and feelings about “the environment which they want to live in” and “the environment which they don’t want to live in”. After that, they give the presentation about their drawings. We feel really amazed when we see their brilliant presentation.

We create EcofunGo Myanmar Shopping activity. We arrange different things that can be harmful /can’t be harmful the environment. By Letting the children go shopping as a group project, we check their actions how they apply the environmental awareness that they’ve learnt last weeks.We selected the best drawing groups for two topics, the best presenter and the best shopping group.They are energetic to participate in all activities. In the last day, we celebrate the closing ceremony.The principle of local government school, volunteer teachers and the children attend the event. The activities of the children talent shows, group photo shooting, awarding prizes and certificates are included. Our EcofunGo Myanmar project is finished successfully.

Written by Lwin Lwin Myo (Volunteer of Ecofun Go Myanmar)