EcoFunGo! Philippines Launches its 1st Ecofunopoly Event!

The EconFunGo! ASEAN – Philippines launched its first fun-filled Ecofunopoly Event on April 2, 2017 at Baranggay Holy Spirit in Quezon City. The program was attended by almost forty (40) community children aged between 9 to 12 years old, most of them are from marginalized families who are not so privilege in life.

With the help of volunteers from the Rotaract San Francisco Del Monte – Malaya Achievers, the official partner of EcoFunGo! Philippines for the project implementation, the entire program was filled with beaming smile of kids who are not only learning about the environment but also having fun.

Also, special guest during the kick-off launch is Ms. Annisa Hasanah, EcoFunGo! ASEAN Team Leader, who flew from Indonesia just to witness the event and guide Ms. Bea Brondial, EcoFunGo! Philippines Event Coordinator, in the execution of the program.


The program focused on improving kids’ environmental awareness through fun and creative activities. A video presentation underscoring the carbon footprints we are producing and explaining its contribution to the global warming phenomenon were shown for the appreciation of kids with some help talk from the emcee. This was followed by an ice breaking game wherein kids were group into six (6) with 6 members each.

The EcoFunGo! ASEAN Event made used of a board game as the main tool for its environmental education campaign, called Ecofunopoly. The said board game gives knowledge on how we can track our carbon footprints, and at the same time, teaches eco-friendly ways on how we could change our attitude in order to reduce our carbon footprints.




Through playing the Ecofunopoly, the kids realized how much carbon footprint they are producing on their day-to-day activities by answering the questions on cards. Some kids also did an actual planting exercise and some kids sing a song regarding environment/mother earth as part of the game.

Kids planting their seeds for real when they reached the “Planting Area Box” in Ecofunopoly


A participant doing the “Sing-an-Environmental-Song Challenge”


The winner of each group was able to play the life-size Ecofunopoly board game. This was the moment all the kids were shouting out their lungs out to cheer for their group representative.

Program participants circle the life-size Ecofunopoly while cheering for their team representative


During the breaks, the kids enjoyed their snacks while watching environmental awareness enriching videos presented by Ms. Annisa Hasanah.

The event also includes poster making contest in which kids were provided with enough coloring materials in order to illustrate what they thought the most exciting learning they had gained in participating in the event.

The program concludes with announcement of winners for the respective activities. The Ecofunopoly grand winner was given a YSEALI tote bag containing EcoFunGo merchandises, a set of Ecofunopoly board game and a crown with sash to show off that he is the Environmental Protector to serve as “green reminder” for his families and friends to take care of the environment. On the other hand, poster making group winner received EcoFunGo merchandises.





Right: EcoFunGo Grand Winner. Left: Poster Making Contest Group Winner
The EcoFunGo! ASEAN Philippines organizing team
The successful launched was followed by a hearty dinner by the Rotaract Volunteers and EcoFunGo! ASEAN Organizing Team. During the feast, a post-program evaluation was conducted to get feedbacks from the volunteers on the execution of the events. All in all, positive remarks were gathered in the discussion.
Tired but happy organizing team

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Written by Bea Brondial

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